Gravity Entertainment Galway

Why Choose Gravity Entertainment?

Based in Galway, Ireland, operating internationally, Gravity Entertainment started in 2016 to offer new innovative Marketing, Web Design, Graphic Design and Event Management solutions. That guarantee to beat our competitors on price and quality!
A one stop shop for companies looking to boost their sales and profits. We hire all our own staff, own all our own equipment, we don’t outsource and this allows us to save on costs. These costs savings are delivered direct to you the consumer, while simultaneously providing you with superior quality services.

The potential of your product, service, or event to be profitable is independently evaluated before we undertake any work.  So while other company’s may charge extortionate amounts, we never ask for more than what we have earned. Therefore you can rest assured that any work you have contracted to us, will be beneficial for you. Our packages are ideal for small to medium sized businesses that can’t afford a massive investment in either time or money, one of our plans is guaranteed to be the right one for you!

Choosing our unique and exciting brand lets you get the most from your business, it allows you to focus on your business’s core function, and guarantee its success.

Event Management

When choosing to organise an event, there is a huge workload to undertake and many risks that come with it. The high costs and stress associated with multiple bookings from different businesses and individuals and from renting locations and equipment can spell the end for even the market leaders of an industry.

But working with gravity entertainment is stress free, and saves you money. We have everything you need in one place! We will do all the work for you, or can arrange to consult with you on an ongoing basis if you require.

Below are some of the types of Events we organise:

For Business:

  • Product Launch Party’s
  • Business networking events
  • Annual Company Party’s
  • Staff nights
  • Trade Shows
  • Job Fairs
  • Team Building Exercises/Events
  • Nightclub and Pub Special Events
  • Charity Events

Gravity Entertainment Galway - Marketing, Sales, Web Design, Graphic Design and Event Management solutions. Superior Price and Quality. Galway, Ireland